ORLOVSKY® Jewellery Care Instructions

How to handle our jewellery?

ORLOVSKY® jewellery is hand made of soft, natural precious and semiprecious materials. To preserve the exceptional nature of our products handle them with great care by following the instructions set below:

1. Before wearing jewellery items with fastening, for example bracelets, always undo the clasp first.

2. Store jewellery in the original ORLOVSKY® jewellery box, in a dry place and at room temperature.

3. Never store a few items in one box! Otherwise you’ll risk scratching the items and losing their lustre.

4. ORLOVSKY® jewellery must be removed prior to bathing, washing dishes and all other contacts with water, detergents or other chemicals, including perfume.

5. Always remove ORLOVSKY® jewellery at bedtime or during work and physical exercise.


How to clean our jewelry? 

Remember, jewellery covering layer of gold, silver, rhodium and other precious metals can wear down over time, which is an intrinsic property of the material. To enjoy the splendour of ORLOVSKY® products for a long time, its proper maintenance should be provided. Regularly remove fingerprints or small signs of tarnish with a clean polishing cloth.


How do we repay? 

Look after unique, natural ORLOVSKY® products, and everyday you will feel unique with us.
This is our promise, and we always keep our word ...


Have a question? 

Find us on www.orlovsky.eu or via email: biuro@orlovsky.eu or call: +48 698 668 688