You are unique as the products of ORLOVSKY®.
Find out why.


We have been waiting for you and we hope you have been waiting for us. Nothing happens by chance in our lives – it’s a general truth. Sometimes it takes a single glance to find out that is the moment you have been waiting for all your life. ORLOVSKY® is the place where things are what they seem to be. We love the world and people around us. We do love YOU and we can prove it. Each of us is unique, just like ORLOVSKY® products. Since all of them are hand-made they have their own unique soul. All the materials, metals in particular, are tested scrupulously. We wear our jewellery – it’s a 100% guarantee. If you’re fed up with being average, come and visit us. ORLOVSKY® – be special!


No compromise.


Customer satisfaction is important to us. Others only say so. We mean it and we do our best to make it true. Top quality materials from suppliers applying high ethical standards. Design based on the latest fashion trends and attention paid to each and every detail. This is what makes our products unique. Easier said than done? We did it! We believe you will fall in love with ORLOVSKY®, just like we have!


See what we’re going to do for you
to make this day outstanding!


On your birthday we wish you all the good health, love and wealth. Since it is YOU who’s important to us, we want to make your birthday exceptional. Others offer you discounts of 5 to 10 % . They're ridiculous! We want you to enchant the world with your beauty on your birthday. That's why we present you with a 33% discount on any item on offer. Register so that we know when is the day...


Find out how we appreciate our friends.


Balance is the key element of happiness in our lives. Balance between what you give and what you take. We know it and that is why we would like to show you how much we appreciate Your loyalty. Register and we will thank you in ORLOVSKY style...

  • FABULOUS GIFTS. You’ll get access to a variety of great gifts and surprises by ORLOVSKY ®
  • BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Let us give you Your birthday present.
  • LOYALTY PROGRAMME. We know how long you’ve been with us and we’re sure to express our gratitude….
  • ORLOVSKY EVENTS ® Enjoy the glamorous events by ORLOVSKY
  • EXTRA-SURPRISE. Those, who will fall in love with ORLOVSKY ®, will receive a extra-surprise. Something you can get nowhere else.


Love does not mean only words


Love is not about words. Love is about actions. We love the world around us and just to say thank you we donate 10% of our profit to those who need our help: the elderly with no one to look after them. It’s all thanks to you!


Find out who I am.


Gosia Orłowska lives and works in Hong-Kong – the city of fashion and business, the place where East and West intersperse. New York, London, Paris, Hong-Kong are cities which decide the future of our civilization. There, for many years Gosia Orłowska has been selling her products successfully. To make them striking, Gosia experiments with different materials - precious and semi-precious stones, natural stones, rhinestones, Swarovski elements, pearls, wood, fabric, even lava and many other. World is created by courageous people who set new trends. This is how Goshia Orłowska works and that's why her designs can be found in the most renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue, Fashion Magazine, Marie Claire etc.

Admit her work is really impressive.

A NEW MUM the most beautiful word in the world!


The world owes it to us, mothers. There is nothing more important nor more beautiful than maternity! Pregnancy is the time for you to feel the happiest. We want to be a part of your happiness – enjoy a 25% discount on all our products on offer throughout the time of pregnancy. Just send in a copy of a doctor’s certificate, and we’ll take care of the rest.

When you’re a happy mother, let us know, and we’ll honour you with a present. In ORLOVSKY® we keep our promises. Now and ever.

ORLOVSKY® – be special!


Find out what we value the most.



ORLOVSKY – ekskluzywna biżuteria

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